Acclaimed Clown Gale LaJoye Returns to Segerstrom Center in Encore Tour of Snowflake

Posted on January 29th, 2014

The heartwarming and hilarious one-man show, Snowflake, starring Gale LaJoye returns to Segerstrom Center for the Arts April 26 & 27in Samueli Theater.

Without a single word spoken, LaJoye’s character helps a child turn sorrow into joy. With his unique blend of comic genius, slapstick, feats of balance and tender moments, LaJoye spins a tale of a creative and gentle soul that entertains and takes delight in turning simple objects into comic treasures.

His mastery of timing, nuance and subtle style touches the spirit and causes laughter, tears and pangs of recognition that make this a show for all ages. Ventura County Star states, “Gale LaJoye’s wordless one-man show has a lot to say about humanity.”

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