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Posted on May 24th, 2013


Attention Seniors:

Your FIVE FREE Graduation tickets are here and have been delivered in your Homeroom class.  Additional tickets will be available in the ASB office starting June 3rd for $7 each, Cash or Credit card only (there is a small fee for using Credit card)….Master Card and Visa only

Cap and Gowns–  If you will need to borrow one please come by the ASB office to make arrangements to get the correct size (we have a limited amount of sizes) gown for the graduation ceremony.  If you are borrowing one from a neighbor and need a cap, tassel and medallion….please come by the ASB office to purchase one for $20.00 cash or credit only.  See Mrs. Zendner if you need to make arrangements for the loaner.

Prom 2013 is June 1st and tickets are SOLD OUT.   You can see more information on our website regarding location, times, and dress code. Ladies you can wear strapless dresses, this part of our dress code did not change.  Please read the contract regarding the length of dresses.

Senior Luau is May 31st during lunch for our seniors…..if you purchased a senior package this ticket is included.  You can still purchase a lunch ticket for $12 in the ASB office until May 30th.  Yearbooks will be distributed to seniors during this time.

Mock Crash demonstration will be taking place on Wednesday, May 29th approximately 9:45am.  Parking spaces in front of school on the curb will be blocked off.  Students will be allowed to park in junior lot for this day only.  Parking on the hill before the marquee will not be affected.  Sophomores and Freshmen will be in an assembly in the main gym during this demonstration.


Parents and Students need to check the web site for all upcoming events for seniors and graduation information.


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